Reverse Mortgage Uses
  • Afford your bucket list 

  • Fund travel to distant lands 

  • Increase your monthly cash flow 

  • You can receive monthly check for life 

  • Pay off your current mortgage 

  • Have no mortgage payments in the future 

  • Funds to pay your real estate taxes and property insurance 

  • Pay off your current home equity line of credit (HELOC) 

  • Set up a rainy day fund 

  • Use funds to make home accessible with ramps, bathtub steps, rails, etc. 

  • Fund an active lifestyle 

  • Pay off some or all of your credit cards 

  • A reverse mortgage line of credit that grows over time 

  • Use lump sum to Complete needed home repairs 

  • Augment current retirement portfolio plans 

  • Buy a car with lump sum 

  • Money for legal or IRS matters 

  • Pay for Medicare parts B & D 

  • Gift money to children or grandchildren (college tuition, new business, down payment) 

  • Fund a major home remodeling project 

  • Buy a home using a reverse mortgage with no payments 

  • Set up reverse mortgage to pay real estate taxes and property insurance 

  • Create needed income above Social Security and pension payments 

  • Replace lost income from death the death of your spouse 

  • Help provide a financial solution to a divorce 

  • Stay in your home with at-home care instead of a senior living facility 

  • Pay for a nursing facility if your spouse is unable to live at home 

  • Increase monthly income so you can pay for life or long-term care insurance 

  • Pay off your car loan  

  • Strengthen existing estate plan 

  • Reverse mortgage funds are tax-free, where selling your home may be taxable event 

* This website is not from HUD or FHA and was not approved by HUD or any government agency.

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